Save a web page as org mode and convert to pdf

Make sure the emacs package org-web-tools is installed

Start emacs then M-x eww and type or paste the URL.

Then M-x org-web-tools-read-url-as-org.

Save as

Then something somthing. Drop into the something directory.

Change to the something directory and make pdf.

Automating this

Add the following to ~/.bashrc

function orgwriteweb() { /tmp/$2 $2
    emacsclient -u -e "(eww-browse-url \"$1\")" -e "(org-web-tools-read-url-as-org \"$1\")" -e "(write-file \"/tmp/$2/$\")"
    echo "written as /tmp/$2/$"

Then orgwriteweb example will write an org mode file to /tmp/example/ together with the Makefile and other apparatus to create various formats.