Some technical notes


SLES kernel changelogs

Talk to email servers from the command line

Convert a LaTeX file to .odt

Extracting an initrd created by dracut

Dreamplug notes

EFI booting problems

Fix for elan_i2c module by KT Liao

Fixing failing fingerprint authentication

FreeBSD notes

Installing Arch Linux on dinah

Installing the non-free fonts for TeX

iPXE installation and EFI

Setup for kvm virtual machines (with EFI)

Setting up letsencrypt

hat: haskell asciidoc transformer

Create an openSUSE container and run it with machinectl

NixOS notes

Pidgin SSL error with Google IM

Installing or updating TWRP on pollux

Install a portable system on a USB disk

Rescue system on hard disk

Save a web page as org mode and convert to pdf

Setting up an SMT server (SLES 12 SP1) as a kvm virtual machine


Split DNS with unbound

Debug syslog by talking directly to /dev/log

udev rules for video devices

Unpacking and repacking an initrd (2023)

Update oneplus3 to LineageOS 15.1 (February 2018)

Update oneplus3 to LineageOS 16.0 (March 2019)

Getting xrdp to work

Full screen Xephyr display using XDMCP